Rock the Booth: Why You Need a Michigan Photo Booth at Your Next Event

In another age, photo booths were only found at malls and amusement parks.  They represented a rare special moment in time when you stopped to snap a few goofy poses with your best friend sitting in your lap on that tiny stool.  🙂

Nowadays, digital photo booths offer you the opportunity to bring that same nostalgia and fun to your own private event!  With Michigan Wedding photo booths growing in popularity, you may be debating about whether or not to make room in your own budget for one.  Here’s why you should!

1.  Candid images of your closest family & friends.  Most people planning an event automatically budget for a photographer.  While a professional photographer will no doubt capture amazing photos of you, your decor, and all the important events during your party, it is often difficult for them to make time to snap a lot of photos of guests themselves.  In addition, many guests become camera-shy when faced with a huge, professional-grade camera with a 10 inch flash extending from it.  What if the photo turns out badly??  What if there is spinach in their teeth?  Unless your guests are true free spirits, it can be difficult to capture their true personalities.
There’s something magical about disappearing behind the curtain of the photo booth that brings people to life!  Grandma sticks her tongue out at Uncle Fred, all the groomsmen squeeze in with ear-to-ear grins, and your niece and nephew battle with foam swords.  In the photo booth, creativity wins, and you get to sit back and watch the magic happen!  If Aunt Edna has some spinach in her teeth, the live video preview will give her a chance to spot it and remove it before the photo is snapped.  🙂  If guests don’t get the perfect pose on the first try, they have 3 more chances (and infinitely more photo sessions) to get it just right.  Fear flies out the window as guests compete for the silliest faces!

2.  Giggles are contagious.  Ever notice how laughter draws the attention of everyone around?  When fun things are happening, everyone wants to join in!  A photo booth is guaranteed to bring on fits of laughter and giggles, which in turn draw a crowd.  After their session, guests show off their photos to other friends, spreading the merriment around your party like wildfire.
Some folks worry that a photo booth might detract from the rest of the party, but that isn’t the case.  Parties typically run in cycles, and a photo booth simply gives guests more options.  When they need a breather from the dance floor, they might head over to the booth to snap a few photos, but when their favorite song comes on, they’re right back on the floor tearing it up!  Plus, every get-together inevitably has a few guests who don’t like to dance, and a booth is the perfect solution to get everyone involved in the festivities!

3.  Memories last a lifetime.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a picture; it will last longer.  Pick your cliché, because we all know they’re true.  🙂  When the party is over, photos are often the only thing you have left to remember it by.  Photo strips from your event will end up on the refrigerators, office cubicles, and facebook pages of all your guests.  Not only will they chuckle about the feather boa their dad wore in the booth that night, but your custom logo will remind them of where they had such a great time!
Detroit Photo booth packages offer tons of options for preserving your memories for years to come!  Having a scrapbook made during your event gives you a beautiful custom-made keepsake containing not only your photos, but also heartfelt messages from all your guests, and embellishments to add the perfect finishing touch (not all scrapbooks are created equal though, so be sure to check out a sample or get all the details from your vendor).  Most packages include digital copies of your images as well as an online gallery to share with friends and family.  Having the high-res digital files of both your photo strips and individual pics allows you to easily share and re-print images as much as you’d like.  When it’s all over, these elements let you and your guests relive the hilarious moments over and over again!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, organizing a gala, or putting together the annual family BBQ, consider reserving a photo booth for the big event!  Not only will your guests thank you, but you’ll be creating memories that you and your guests will talk about and cherish for years to come! Contact Rock the Booth today for pricing and more information.

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