So Much Has Happened In The Last Year…

We apologize in our lack of communication for the last year. We have just been so busy making amazing productions, and pursuing our own personal goals and performances. Sometimes, it makes it hard for us to find time to get online and share our wonderful creations with you.

Here’s a recap of our 2016: We helped the DSO produce their first burlesque show called Brahms, Beards and Burlesque; We hosted an amazing sold out and jammed packed Venus Rising (all women art exhibition); We walked in the Northville 4th of July parade as clowns; We hosted another art show called Imperfections: breaking social norms through art; We produced another amazingly successful Michigan Burlesque Festival, We proudly donated hundreds of dollars to several amazing charities and organizations that daily provide better living for those who need it; and we non-stop performed and helped out at dozens of other shows and events produced throughout the Mid-West.

But that is no excuse to not keep this page updated. So here is to a new year!!! Our resolution is to make sure you are staying updated and informed about all of our events that we are hosting. We hope that you get a chance to come out to them, and we hope that 2017 brings the most fun ever to be had!!!


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