The 6th Annual Venus Rising: All Women Art Exhibition!!

The night will feature dozens of women artists of all media formats (painters, photographers, sculptors, etc), performance art and musicians, live painters, and one-of-a-kind vendors. Saturday’s event will run 7-11pm. $10 at the door.
25% of the proceeds will be donated to Alternatives for Girls ( which is an organization that helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and helps them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives. AFG accomplishes this mission through three key services: AFG Prevention, the AFG Shelter/Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL) and AFG Outreach.
Monster Foods
Happy Hookers
Kozma Wands
Lexie Takis
War Pony Sweater Forge
Isabelle Jaime
Chance the Painter Shop
Sankofa Detroit
Pipperillo Studios
Spooky’s Geek Boutique
Art by Zaheroux
Neon Vagabond Goods
Art of Shadia
Nittani Draws
The Abandoned Garden
Performances by:
Chey Halliwill
Jade Aurora
Jem Zero
Sorcha Jarman
Emma D’Lish
Sable Fox
Star Buxom
Sophia Von Stardust
Marisa Dluge
Heather Marie
Kitten Von Mitten
Stella Rothe
Kitty & Eris
and a special musical performance by DJANGA!
Live painting by:
EmJae Lightningbug
Body Painting by:
Zelda Flanagan
Art by:
Alex Frederick
Amber Zakala
Carla Harden
Carleen Lunsford
Christy Pardee
Corinne Elizabeth
Crystal Mielcarek
Donell Strine
Emily Zelasko
EmJae Lightningbug
Erin Knight Art
F.R. Gagliano
Gwen Downs
Heather Stargazer
Hope Kulka
Kelly A. Johnston
Jade Aurora
Jem Zero
Jill Bersche
Kath Marty
Katherine Thelen
Leah Brown
Lexie Takis
Lisa Galperin
Lm Coz
Maria Latour
Melinda Bylow
Melissa McIsaac
Nittani Draws
Olivia Ezinga
Paula Marie Deubel
Rachel E Quinlan
Raven Harder
Rell Chillik
Ren The Roma
Rowena Rose
Samantha Stamper
Shadia Derbyshire
Star Buxom
Suzy Adra
Tiffany Kott